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Phone numbers with prefix


Jan 25, 20112 min readEdited on Oct 24, 2017

Here is a small guide of how to set up your Truecaller to work on incoming/outgoing phone numbers with prefix. This is a handy tool if you are using a business phone which adds different digits at the beginning or end of all your incoming calls.
If Truecaller is working for you, don´t …

Step 1.
Open up

Step 2.

You will now need to login. To get your credentials, open up Truecaller->Search and here search for the number “123”.  After doing this search you will receive a username and a password which you enter into the form.

Step 3.

Now when you are logged in you simply press Call Settings

Step 4.

At this page you can set Truecaller to replace digits on a phone number that you will search for. This could be a phone number you search for during manual search or incoming/outgoing number lookup.

The first input fields describes digits you want to replace or remove from the beginning of a phone number. Simply enter digits you want to replace. In this case I added 01# because all incoming calls on my phone starts with 01# because of my corporate phone switch system.
If I leave the second field empty, it will simply remove 01# from the phone number. I could replace it with something else such as my country code which is +46.

Step 5.

The next input fields describes what I want to remove or replace at the end of the phone number.

In this case I added *202 because our corporate system also adds *202 at the end of all incoming phone numbers. In this case *202 will be replace with nothing but I could also add something here if needed.

Press save and you are done!


Jan 25, 20112 min read


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