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What To Do If Your Number Is Spoofed

Christina Gustavsson

Sep 9, 20191 min readEdited on Oct 28, 2020

“Who is this?” “Why did you call me?” “Stop harassing me!!” If you’ve been getting messages like these from people you’ve never contacted, someone might be spoofing your phone number. Read on to learn what to do if your number is spoofed.

3. File a complaint with the FCC. The agency’s chairman says it’s cracking down on people making illegal robocalls and spoof calls, so any information you provide might help. File your complaint online at their Consumer Complaint Center.

Hang in there! Scammers tend to cycle through numbers like fast food joints churn out fries, so they’ll stop using your number after a while. By following the steps above, you should be able to speed up the process. Since number spoofers often call the same people multiple times, they’ll realize your number’s no longer useful to them as more and more people block it — and then they’ll stop spoofing it.

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Christina Gustavsson

Sep 9, 20191 min read


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