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Life as an Engineering Intern at Truecaller

Josefin Täfvander

May 8, 20183 min readEdited on Jun 15, 2022

Doing an internship is for many graduates the first step into the job market. An internship provides insight into a company and is a way of gaining knowledge and learning how to apply that theoretical knowledge from your studies in a practical way. 

Truecaller strives to be part of helping students start their careers, and currently has two interns at Truecaller’s Bangalore office. The interns, Mayank and Ketan, both like Bangalore because the city is filled with many little hangout places such as cafes and amazing parks where you can just sit or lounge around while enjoying the great weather.

We sat down with our interns to see what their driving force is, and why they decided to do their internships at Truecaller.

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Mayank Bansal comes from a city called Sri Ganganagar located in Rajasthan. He is currently in his fourth and final year studying B.E.(Hons.) in Computer Science at BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus. Mayank is doing an engineering internship and working within one of Truecaller’s Android teams. He is an expert level chess player with an online rating around 1900, which is really good. Besides chess, Mayank likes cricket, football and going to the gym.

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Ketan Chandak is an intern in Truecaller’s analytics team. He is doing a dual degree program in B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science and MSc. (Tons.) Mathematics at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. Ketan hails from Rajasthan but has lived his entire life in Kolkata. Ketan’s brain has an internal alarm clock. He can wake up at any time he wants as long as he decides when to get up before he goes to sleep.

As an undergrad, interning at Truecaller, a company which has been rapidly making communication safer and easier for millions of people, is a great opportunity for me to gain quality industry experience by working in such a fast-paced environment. Also, it’s a great platform for me to apply my skill-set to create something which could potentially reach millions of people and hopefully improve their lives.

The world thrives on social interactions. At the core of these interactions are messages and calls. Truecaller is making the world a better by informing us about people who contact us. Also, these interactions will surely give great insights into the world.

What do you do as an intern at Truecaller?

As a part of Android – frontend team I am working on the messages feature.

I am in the data analytics team at Truecaller. I am working towards setting up a knowledge graph database for Truecaller which would dynamically improve the interaction between Truecaller users and will help us analyze in a very efficient manner.

I was able to build a separate test app for a feature without much of a difficulty. However, when it came to integrating the model with the main Truecaller app, I was overwhelmed by observing the already present code for that feature! I realized that some modifications have to be done and that I still need to learn a lot about the proper coding style and architecture so that I can write production level code.

The graph database I am trying to design must be scalable enough to handle this big data. So, I would say, the biggest challenge would be trying to write as efficient code as possible using technology stacks like Spark-Scala, Cassandra, Elastic search, Hadoop while learning them on the fly because I had no prior experience with this stack whatsoever.

Yes! I am learning new things almost every day which is really helping me broaden my technical skillset. It will also help me to be able to meet the needs and challenges of the future workplace in a better way.

Definitely! Trucaller is a big name. Also, as mentioned above. I am learning many new technology stacks which adds versatility to my profile.

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