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Life as a UX Designer at Truecaller


Jul 28, 20162 min read

This internship gives me the chance to get a view of how it is working as different roles here at Truecaller. What do you really do as a UX designer, Product Owner or developer?

And what are your responsibilities when you work with growth and partnerships or when you’re the advertisement manager, for instance? Since I’m going to choose orientation within my education next year, this is something that I would like to sort out and share with you who might be at the same crossroad as me.

I’ve talked to Anders, who’s working as a User Experience (UX) designer at Truecaller headquarters in Stockholm.


What do you do as a UX designer?

A UX designer is a usually a pretty broad position. The more classical title Interaction designer evolved into include a more holistic approach of a product.

The position is also involved in a lot of activities. E.g. doing user research, trying out concepts and design a product that meets user needs together with business goals.

Could you describe a typical day of work as a UX designer?

When we design a feature, my job is to always take the user perspective. Is this useful for the user? Will this be understood by the user? I usually create some kind of prototype where we can experience and evaluate how well the design solves a user need. With a prototype in your hand you always get a new perspective of the design. You see what works and what does not. You make adjustments and reevaluate it until we believe that what we have is something that is valuable to the user.

I studied a three years bachelor within cognitive science. It is about how humans perceive and experience the world. With this, you get an understanding of the basic human capabilities and expectations on the world when interacting with it. Then you apply this knowledge to a scenario where a user interacts with e.g. a mobile device, and try to make the product as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

What was important for you when you decided what to study?

I have always been interested in psychology and philosophy (especially in relations to arts and music), and at the same time I spent too much time in front of the computer. I went to a student guidance counselor and she suggested cognitive science – which turned out to combine these two areas into a perfect match for me.


That I have a crucial part in how the product works and how the users experience it.

The biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge (and the most fun, I may add) is to create the simplest yet most efficient solution. It forces us to determine and prioritize what is needed or not. It is a processes that requires us to consider many different variables and make the best of it.


Jul 28, 20162 min read

Life At Truecaller

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