BlogNews500 Million Downloads & 150 Million Daily Truecaller Users!

500 Million Downloads & 150 Million Daily Truecaller Users!

Alan Mamedi

Sep 4, 20192 min read

Exciting news at Truecaller! We’re thrilled to share that our app has been downloaded 500 million times and 150 million people around the world love Truecaller so much they’re using it every day! This is an extraordinary milestone that very few companies in the world have achieved. 

Our Journey

In 2018, we passed the 100 million daily active users landmark. Just over a year later, we’ve grown our daily community members to 150 million, making us one of the largest communication apps in emerging markets. 

From the very beginning, our vision has been to make people’s communication safer and more efficient. By differentiating ourselves from the standard stock dialer and messaging apps, and by solving some fundamental communication problems for our customers, we have been able to excel the competition. 500 million downloads and 150 million daily active users is extraordinary. These milestones underline the faith and trust our customers have in us.

Our Impact

Since the genesis of Truecaller, we’ve become more than a simple app. Our payment services are helping small businesses grow, particularly in areas of the world where expansion can be tough and ease of transactions vital. Truecaller Pay empowers everyday people to build credit and access loans when they want to take the next step in life (starting university, buying a house) or in business (hiring more employees, renting an office). 

Truecaller helps combat the scourge of robocalls and scams in the U.S., protecting people’s time and money. Our app stops harassment calls and SMS around the world, improving the lives of many women in India, for example. Truecaller has even been used to solve crimes and protect people from stalkers and extortion. We’ve hosted local Hackathons to challenge and support women developers to hone their skills. 

At Truecaller, we believe it’s important to evolve and adapt as the world and its technology changes. That’s how we continue to provide services that people need, and that’s why our community is ever-expanding internationally. We’re always striving to move forward and stay ahead. Huge thanks to all of you who support our efforts and inspire us to keep moving!

Alan Mamedi

Sep 4, 20192 min read


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