BlogNewsHow Truecaller Made an Impact: BigBasket

How Truecaller Made an Impact: BigBasket

Agnes Lindberg

Feb 17, 20223 min read

When we talk about the impact that Truecaller has had throughout the years, we sometimes forget about the impact it has on local, national, and international businesses. Today we want to highlight one of those impactful stories. Read on to find out how adding Truecaller SDK as a user verification option helped BigBasket, India’s largest online food and grocery store, see significant instant customer conversions.

What is Truecaller SDK

Truecaller SDK offers a mobile number verification service so that you can onboard your users without the need for a one time password (OTP), or the hassle of email based signup. It’s a simple, instant and secure verification process. By using Truecaller SDK in a mobile app or a mobile website, this seamless verification drives user growth and retention.

The story of BigBasket

BigBasket was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Bangalore. They work with local farmers to make sure they always have fresh, high quality produce for customers to be delivered to their doorstep. BigBasket believes in being smart, quick, and efficient, making life as leisurely as possible. With the help of tech they keep their inventories digitised, not only for cost efficiency, but also to make sure they minimise wastage. 

How growth made BigBasket turn to Truecaller

Back in 2019, BigBasket started to focus on growth and one thing they were looking to improve was customer experience. Chief among this, the onboarding experience for customers. They had been using OTPs and more complex solutions, making it a slow and costly procedure. The solution was implementing the features of Truecaller SDK. Truecaller SDK is free to use and can be implemented by businesses to verify registered as well as non-registered Truecaller users, offering a seamless onboarding experience.

How Truecaller made an impact

After implementing Truecaller SDK, BigBasket saw an increase of 5% in customer conversions, making sure that both new and existing customers could easily place their order and have their food or household goods delivered to their doorstep.

This is how the verification process works

For users who have the Truecaller app present on their smartphones and are already registered Truecaller users, verification is a 1-tap flow, without the need for any manual input. For users who don’t have the Truecaller app present on their smartphones, the SDK enables user verification by means of a ‘drop call’, which is triggered to the user’s number in background to complete the verification flow (currently supported only for India). 

What to think about when implementing Truecaller SDK

Even though Truecaller SDK is an easy way to onboard your customers, you should also have a look at your entire onboarding process, making sure that you achieve the results you are looking for. There is not a one size fits all kind of solution, but more of a way of looking at it from the outside in. We have gathered some best practices on designing the right user flow in order to make it easier for you to onboard your users via Truecaller SDK.

If you are interested in improving your signup process, reach out to our SDK team. If you are looking for a way for new and existing customers to pick up more of your calls, we recommend Truecaller for Business

Also, update your Truecaller app! With a community of over 300 million people using Truecaller every month, Truecaller offers a great communication experience.

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Agnes Lindberg

Feb 17, 20223 min read


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