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Truecaller Priority Has Arrived!


Oct 25, 20162 min read

Introducing Truecaller Priority, a new service that ensures that users will always know when it’s a relevant and important call made from a company – and not a spam call.

Everyday, e-commerce companies lose millions of dollars due to delivery issues, which results in bad customer service. We’ve all been there at one point; lost packages, delivery person cannot find our house, etc.

Our mission at Truecaller, is to build great communication products which are safe and efficient. Therefore, we’ve decided to help out in this issue by partnering up with EKART, the supply chain arm of Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart. Truecaller will now be able to show all logistics related calls made by Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Yepme, PayTM, Voonik, Hopscotch, Healthkart etc.

This will provide an enhanced delivery experience by giving Truecaller users more context to calls, which allows people to know, for example, when their package has arrived.

We believe this is a game changing experience to this industry as a whole.

Can other companies join?

Yes, there will be other companies that will come on board shortly. We’re speaking with various companies across different industries.

How Do You Become a Truecaller Priority Company?

We welcome companies to join this new service. Though, we have a rigorous process on making sure that companies promise and agree to our demands on not spamming users – and only important calls are to be made.

Do companies pay for this?

No, this is something we do to enhance the user experience.


Oct 25, 20162 min read


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