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Ambassador of the Month: Pruthvi

Lindsey LaMont

Mar 1, 20162 min read

We have a great set of Brand Ambassadors that are hitting the streets and telling their communities about the Truecaller app. This December, we want to highlight Pruthvi from India and his achievements in the Truecrew.

#Truecaller witnesses the beauty of Koh Larn Island #Truecrew— Pruthvi Desai (@psdesai777) February 10, 2016

  • Strives to create small gatherings to promote Truecaller
  • Uses resources to help teach others more about Truecaller products
  • Keeps a charismatic and engaging personality in the Truecrew program
  • Produces creative images to share for social media marketing
How does team work effect being a brand ambassador?

“None of us are as smart as all of us.”

Being a brand ambassador I can say, we all have unique & creative thinking, but none of us are smart enough to succeed alone.

Brand Ambassadors take on many initiatives, but it’s our teamwork & collaboration that makes us achieve wonderful success. And a vision becomes brighter when the leader has a big dream and a good team. Thus, our teamwork always leads us to a great success.

Why do you think Truecrew Brand Ambassadors are important in India?

India is a young country. Looking at the current population of the country, Truecaller is proven to be one of the most useful app for citizens.

Daily, thousands of frauds are directly done by fake calls, telemarketing, international spams, etc.

Truecrew Brand Ambassadors can play an important role in bringing awareness among different cities. We can change the current situation by educating citizens in each of our communities about the different useful features of Truecaller, and hopefully can save many fraud cases directly with the help of the app.

Indian Truecrew Brand Ambassadors specifically try to make sure that the Indians are more safe in their calling experience.

Gadgets of choice?

All gadgets which makes my work easier.

Want to join the Truecrew? We are always looking for talented, socially loveable, and naturally social people who love Truecaller. Please visit our website:


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