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Call Blocking app to Slay Robocalls

Lindsey LaMont

Jul 3, 20192 min readEdited on Mar 14, 2022

Our phone is one of the few items that follow us throughout our day. It is the main source of our communication, and how we interact with the world. Who knows this better than robocalls, spammers and scams. That’s why Truecaller is launching new and improved spam blocking features!

In this era of technology, Americans and Canadians are seeing an uprise of unwanted calls coming from various countries, and even from numbers that look like their own. In fact, according to Truecaller’s research this year, scam calls on are the rise by 39% over the last 12 months and more Americans are falling victim to money scams.

At Truecaller, we create safe and efficient tools for people to avoid and report unwanted calls to keep the global community of users free from spam. While the app is forever free, we are introducing new Premium upgrades on Android for the next level of spam protection.

Highly Effective Features for Blocking Robocalls and Neighbor Spoof

1. Block Neighbor Spoofing Calls

Ah, the famous scam when your own number calls you, or one very similar. This is one of the oldest scams in the books over the past few years, but can easily be avoided by blocking the first 4-6 digits of your phone number. We make this very easy to do in Truecaller to help you avoid the trap!

Avoid Neighbor Spoofing with Truecaller

2. Block all unknown or hidden calls

The normal reaction to receiving hidden calls is to not pick up, right? We’ve gone one step further and made it so Truecaller will auto-block all of those unknown calls for you.

3. Block non-phonebook numbers

Not in your phonebook? Not getting through. Many of our users do not want any calls from numbers outside of their phonebook. 

4. Block international calls

If you don’t know anyone outside the country, why be bothered in wondering why Jamaica or the UK is calling. Auto-block all the numbers outside of the +1 area code!

To learn more about why you should go Premium, take a glance at our Truecaller Premium page!

Lindsey LaMont

Jul 3, 20192 min read


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