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Developer Success Stories: Rapido

Lindsey LaMont

May 28, 20182 min read

Rapido is India’s largest Bike Taxi service. Having served over a million customers, Rapido’s mobile-only platform enables two-wheeler vehicles as taxis, resulting in considerable reduction of road traffic and quicker navigation amid increasing road traffic congestions in India. Being pocket-friendly & economical, it also is the fastest way to go around anywhere in the city.


India being a mobile-first country, user identity via mobile number becomes an essential part of onboarding, engagement, and fulfillment – thus making mobile number verification a norm. The main hurdle with the traditional process of number verification is the OTP flow – since SMS delivery is beyond one’s control and thus results in substantial failures.

  • Unpredictable OTP failures was a major hurdle to user growth
  • Resulted in the longer time for user activation & multiple hops
  • Demotivating experience leading to non-returning users

Rapido was thus looking for a seamless way to help users onboard & book by overcoming these hassles.

How Truecaller SDK helped

With a pool of 150+ million already mobile number verified users in India, Truecaller SDK is a quick way to verify & register users with their mobile numbers in 1-click, without the need of SMS OTP whatsoever; along, with sharing the profiles (first name, last name, email, etc.)  mapped to their mobile number.

By integrating Truecaller SDK with their Android & iOS mobile apps, Rapido opened up an easy way for their users to get started with their mobile number as the key identifier. Rapido users now simply use their Truecaller verified mobile number & profile for a quick, one-step signup and login experience, thus eliminating the need of OTP verification and basic profile being auto-filled, only leading to significant improvement in successful ride booking rates.

With Truecaller SDK there is:

  • no more tedious OTP verification
  • no need of manually entering the mobile number – instant, frictionless 1-tap number verification
  • auto-filled mapped user profile, no need to enter profile details manually
  • reduce the number of steps/ screens to reach app home screen, resulting in faster activation
  • helped improve the RoI and reduce leaky funnel through user acquisition to bookings
About Truecaller SDK and how to get involved

Truecaller SDK is a free SDK kit available for Android, iOS, React and Web platforms; being used by top businesses & startups such as OYO, Grofers, Zoomcar, 1mg, Housejoy, redBus, MoneyTap, and more to achieve success. To get Truecaller SDK for your business, visit our Developer’s Portal.



Lindsey LaMont

May 28, 20182 min read


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