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Say Goodbye to Spam SMS

Lindsey LaMont

Aug 27, 20152 min readEdited on Aug 9, 2017

Spam texts are the worst. They catch you unexpected, and often times leaving you irritated because you thought the text was from someone you were waiting for.

As the world gets farther away from landlines, and people are choosing mobile first, spam methods will transfer to mobile as well; and we need to be prepared.


What Causes Spam Texts Messages?

If you think about all the online shopping, sweepstakes, credit card signups, or even your own telecom provider, then you can guess how quickly your number can end up in the hands of a telemarketer.

A little Spam Stats

Globally, spam account for 15% of all SMS messages sent, which represents 1.2 trillion spam messages each year. In the U.S. market, despite the growth of other categories, text messages are still the most used app today making it a prime target for telemarketers and fraudsters. These pesky messages come in the form of free gift card offers, marketing promotions and phishing scams, and often lead to more serious misuses of personal information and identity theft.

Other regions, like Egypt, has 96 million mobile subscribers and a mobile penetration rate of over 110%. Imagine the amount of spam messages that circulate in Egypt, and all over the Middle East.

How to Prevent Spam texts before I read them?

Sounds like a job for a psychic! Or a magician? Well, not exactly, just a bunch of developers in Stockholm, Sweden and many hours of researching spam patterns in different countries.
We came up with the Truemessenger app, an SMS (text message) replacement app for Android that will proactively be on the lookout for any suspicious looking text messages received.

How it Works

Truemessenger can become your default messaging app on your Android. It comes with 2 folders: inbox and spam inbox


Truemessenger identifies spam patterns from different countries, so it will learn what messages are spam the more the app is used.


Lindsey LaMont

Aug 27, 20152 min read


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