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Truecaller Featured on Android Go

Lindsey LaMont

Oct 30, 20182 min read

Truecaller is now featured for Android Go’s app store as a must app to have. Google introduced Android Go edition last year, with the goal to provide a fast and smooth experience optimized for first-time and entry-level smartphone owners, and we were quick to act on building a streamlined app to fit the phone’s experience.

Truecaller’s vision is to offer a safe and efficient communication to every smartphone user, not just the ones with top-of-the-line phones. With the growth of smartphones around the world, it is imperative that we offer the same quality of service across different types of devices ranging from low or mid-end smartphones.

One of the biggest learnings from our Truecaller community was Android Go phones were less than 1GB RAM! This means people were not welcoming the Truecaller experience because of the phone limitation. To make Truecaller accessible for the app to run smoothly on all phone types, it’s important Truecaller be fully functional on entry-level phones. So, we made some changes!

Truecaller is Android Go ready!

Truecaller go product screen

We’ve made significant improvements and ensured Truecaller works flawlessly on Android Go! We have reduced our memory footprints, converted all images to WebP, and optimized our solutions with the guidance of Google team. The app now yields faster performance, more storage, and better data management.

Collectively, with better performance on entry-level phones and Go devices, more people can onboard for the first time to benefit from Truecaller’s suite of features!

Truecaller app is already available to download on the Go Play store.


Lindsey LaMont

Oct 30, 20182 min read


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