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What Do the Different Colors on Truecaller's Caller ID Mean?

Agnes Lindberg

Apr 10, 20223 min read

Caller ID is one of Truecaller's most popular features and has been available since our launch in 2009. In 2021 alone, we were able to identify 184.5 billion calls and 586 billion messages. We also blocked 37.8 billion spam calls and 182 billion spam messages that year. However, you may be wondering what the different screen colors, such as purple, green, or red, mean when your phone rings. Keep reading to find out.

Why Do I Need to See Different Colors on My Caller ID?

Do you constantly check your phone and respond to its notifications? By knowing the meaning of our blue, red, green, and purple Caller ID screens, you can make an instant decision on whether to take the call, saving precious time.

A blue screen with a blue Caller ID

Blue is for Identified by Truecaller

Let's start at the beginning. When a number is identified by Truecaller, the screen turns blue and displays the caller's name. This is the simplest way to manage your calls as you know who is calling, allowing you to decide whether to answer or let it ring. Additionally, if the caller is using Video Caller ID, you may even be able to see the caller's face before answering.

A red screen with a red Caller ID

Red is Not for Love, It’s for Spam

When a call is identified as spam, the screen will turn red. This is made possible by the Truecaller community, consisting of over 330 million people, who report numbers as spam when they receive calls. To gain more insight into numbers marked as spam, you can check the spam statistics in your Truecaller Android app. The spam stats will show the number of spam reports for the number, the typical time of day the spammer calls, and if the number of spam reports has been increasing. So if you see your screen turn red, don’t pick up.

A green screen with a green Caller ID

Green Means a Business Verified by Truecaller

If the screen turns green, it means that a business verified by Truecaller is calling you. This feature, known as Truecaller for Business, ensures that the caller is actually calling from the company they claim to represent. It makes it easy to identify legitimate business calls and helps businesses connect with their customers. However, it's worth noting that sometimes a verified business number might be marked as spam by some people. This is usually because they find the call not useful, but it's not recommended by us.

As an example, if you need new home insurance and receive a call from a verified insurance business, it's a good call. But someone who doesn't need new insurance might mark it as spam, which could be confusing without the verified business mark.

A purple screen with a purple Caller ID

Purple is a Time-sensitive Business Call Verified by Truecaller 

Receiving unknown calls can be frustrating, especially when you're waiting for something important, like your food delivery. But with Truecaller's Full-Screen Caller ID, you can relax when you see the screen turn purple. This means that it's a verified business calling you for a time-sensitive matter - such as your food delivery. It could also be the delivery of your new TV, flowers from a friend, or even your kids' new swing. You can trust the purple screen, similar to the green Caller ID, as a way to know that it's a time-sensitive matter from a verified business.

You are now all set for a carefree calling experience. All you need to do is to check your screen before picking up the call. Let the colors of the rainbow guide you.

Also, update your Truecaller app! With a community of over 330 million people using Truecaller every month, Truecaller offers a great communication experience.

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Agnes Lindberg

Apr 10, 20223 min read


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