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Significant Increase of Tele/SMS Traffic in Libya


Sep 6, 20111 min readEdited on Feb 25, 2016

The 24th of August 2011 was especially busy for friends and relatives of the Libyan people as communications through phone and text messages from abroad increased by almost as compared to the previous days of the uprising. Even more significant is the fact that during the same day, Libyans calling each other within the country was more than

A deeper hour by hour analysis of the news reported on that day shows a significant number of those lookups where made on the 24th. To be precise, we could read that 95% of all the calls we had lookups on the 24th were made past 18:00 o?clock which leads us to believe that something significant happened at that time. We tried to link this time to the news breakings that day and found that it might be connected to the news concerning the fight for in the outskirts of the Libyan port city of Zuara, but there is no way for us to be sure. Also, we found that the calls made from abroad were made primarily from these countries Cyprus, Tunisia and Qatar.

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Sep 6, 20111 min read

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