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Refer Friends and Get Upgraded to Premium!


Jan 30, 20181 min readEdited on May 11, 2020

Over 250 million users across the world use Truecaller and feel safe from spam and scams! It’s great to protect yourself from this, but it’s even better to help friends and family!

By sharing the power of Truecaller with friends and family who are first-time Truecaller users, you get upgraded to Premium for free.

Here is how it works

  1. In the app, click on the Navigation drawer and then select “Invite friends”
  2. Next, follow the wizard and invite your contacts who are not on Truecaller
  3. Lastly, when your contacts install Truecaller and register with their number, both of you get Premium free for a week!

You can invite as many contacts as you want and get many weeks of free Premium!

Our top referrer is from Morocco! He referred 400+ new users and has received over 8 years of Truecaller Premium for free!

Please note: This works only for Android right now. We are working on addition iPhone support.


Jan 30, 20181 min read


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