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Truecaller for Web Linked Devices
Truecaller for Web Linked Devices

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Truecaller for Web

Truecaller for web is a new feature that allows users to seamlessly transition their messaging from phone to desktop. With this innovation, users can now send and receive SMS and chat messages directly from their PC to anyone, including non-Truecaller SMS buddies!

You can start by doing the following:

  1. On your Android device: Open the Truecaller app, hit Messages, then the overflow menu, and select “Messaging for Web.”
  2. On your desktop: Visit and just follow the steps.
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Truecaller for Web App Screen to Link Device

Video Caller ID

You can now surprise your family or friends with a short video while calling. Don’t worry if you aren’t great at making selfie videos, you also get to choose from a couple of templates. For it to work seamlessly, you need to ensure 3 things – have the Truecaller app, give permission to use your phone camera, and have a great internet connection! You can read more about the Video Caller ID feature here.

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Video Caller ID with Truecaller

Caller ID

When an unknown caller calls you, Truecaller's Caller ID will not just identify their name. Truecaller will also show you, where possible, the location of the caller, whether they are a business or not and a profile picture. With our advanced machine learning technology, we can even tell you whether it is likely an important call, or if it’s someone you might know. Now make informed decisions before receiving calls with Truecaller.

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Truecaller's Caller ID

Spam Call Identification and Blocking

Whether you create your block list or let Truecaller's auto-block feature handle it, the app will put a stop to unwanted spam calls. With a simple toggle switch, you can enable call blocking for top spammers or any numbers not in your phonebook. And if you haven't updated your spam list, Truecaller will still identify a spam call with a Red Caller ID, so that you know you don't need to receive the call!

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You Can See the List of Blocked Calls in Truecaller here

Call Screening by Truecaller Assistant

Our Call Assistant is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, is equipped with advanced technology for efficient Call Screening. By understanding callers' identities and the purpose of their calls, it effortlessly provides you with essential details, enhancing your communication experience.

Learn more about Assistant here.

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Truecaller Assistant Setup Guide for Android

Reverse Phone Lookup

Truecaller's Reverse Phone Lookup or Number Search Feature is free and reliable. Now know the identity of unknown callers with just a simple search on Truecaller. You can search for spam numbers, verified business numbers as well here.

Check the feature out here, and also get all your questions regarding this service answered as well.

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Search for Unknown Numbers with Truecaller's Reverse Phone Lookup/Number Search Feature

Fraud Detection of SMS

Protect yourself from deceptive SMS messages with the SMS Fraud Detection feature. When a fraudulent message is detected, you'll receive a red notification to warn you and keep you alert. The notification stays until you dismiss it, ensuring you stay vigilant. Truecaller also disables any links in fraudulent SMS automatically, preventing any potential harm. Access to the SMS is restricted unless you mark the sender as safe, providing an extra layer of fraud protection. Stay safe with Truecaller's fraud detection.

Fraud Detection of Text Messages by Truecaller

Message ID

Truecaller's Message ID feature operates offline on your mobile device, utilizing cutting-edge machine-learning models engineered to specifically operate securely within mobile devices. This eliminates the need for sensitive messaging data to leave your device during identification and verification processes, ensuring your privacy is always maintained. Once an SMS message is received, Message ID rapidly identifies the sender and important information in messages, notifying and displaying the different categories supported by Message ID like OTPs, Transaction details, Billing information, Delivery updates, and Travel itineraries, to you in an appropriate manner.

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Identify Incoming Messages with Truecaller Message ID

Intelligent Dialer

Empower your calls with Truecaller's intelligent phone dialer – the tool that ensures every call is connected to the right person. Seamlessly dial friends and family while unveiling the identities of unknown numbers in real time. You can also copy a number from anywhere, and Truecaller’s intelligent dialer will have it ready for you to make a call to them! It's not just a phone dialer; it's your smart ally in the world of calling.

Truecaller phone dialer where you can paste numbers from anywhere

Identify Unknown Calls & Messages on WhatsApp, Telegram*

Now with Truecaller, you don't have to worry about getting unknown calls and messages on different messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram*. For this feature to work, you have to go to

Settings > Calls > Identify calls on other apps toggle on

*On Telegram, we only support message sender identification

**Please note that the features described here are developed and provided by Truecaller independently.

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Caller ID for WhatsApp with Truecaller

Star Call

Truecaller's "Star Call" feature adds a touch of personalization to your calls. You can star call while being on a call. This is possible when you have Truecaller as the Default Dialer. You will see a ‘Star’ on the right top corner of your Call Screen while you are on the call.

You can even star call after you are done speaking! Just long press on a call in the logs screen that you wanted to star mark.

While star-marking your important call, you are also given an option to write a note that could summarize the call, or add why this call was important to you. You can easily access all your star calls by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right!

Star Call helps you summarize calls with notes

Call Availability

Truecaller's "Call Availability" feature brings ease to your calling experience. A red phone symbol communicates a contact's ongoing call, while a green dot signals their availability for a conversation. Effortlessly stay informed and make informed calling decisions. Note, that the call receiver needs to be a Truecaller user for this feature to work.

Call Availability Screen on Truecaller

Announce Call

Want to know who is calling you via an announcement? Truecaller’s Announce Call feature does just that. You can now set preferences on which calls should be announced - all your calls or just your phonebook contacts. Would you like the announcement to also take place when your headphones are on? We have got you covered on that front as well! Just set up your call announcement feature by going to

Settings > Calls > Announce Phone Calls toggle on

How to Setup Announce Call in Truecaller

Inbox Cleaner

Are you tired of a cluttered inbox? Truecaller's Inbox Cleaner is here to transform your messaging experience. Follow these simple steps to effortlessly clear out old, unwanted messages, ensuring your inbox stays organized and your conversations remain streamlined.

  • Launch the Truecaller app
  • Go to the Messages tab
  • Click the three dots at the top right
  • Toggle on Automatic Clean-Up
  • You can choose a message type to delete or choose to delete all.
  • Hit 'Clean Up' now
How to Setup Inbox Cleaner in Truecaller

SMS Scheduler

Tired of forgetting important occasions or responding to important messages that you thought you would respond to later? With Truecaller's Scheduled SMS feature, you can effortlessly plan your greetings, messages and reminders. Follow these simple steps to ensure your messages are always on time.

  • Launch the Truecaller app
  • Go to the Messages tab
  • Select the plus icon from the bottom right corner to compose a new message.
  • Search for a contact from your contacts list or type a number in the search bar.
  • Once the contact is selected, choose the SMS option.
  • Long-press the send icon to access the schedule message feature.
How to Schedule SMS in Truecaller

Call Logs

Truecaller’s Call Logs shows you the complete history of your calls, combining even your 3rd party call logs in one single screen! That's not it, Truecaller also identifies all the unknown calls in the log itself. You can easily view your call history, make calls or block numbers from your call logs directly. It's also very easy to delete your call history with Truecaller. Just long press on any number you wish to delete, or block. Download Truecaller to check this feature out!

Truecaller Call History Screen

Call Reason

Add a personal touch to your calls using Truecaller's "Call Reason" feature. Clearly communicate the purpose of your call, setting the tone for productive and meaningful conversations. You can select from preset templates as well to put in your ‘call reason’! This can be done for one particular call or if you are someone who makes a lot of calls, a generic call reason could be set up from

Settings > Calls > Call Reason toggle on.

Call Reason Screen on Truecaller for Incoming Call

Favorite Contact

Truecaller's "Favorite Contact" feature is your shortcut to effortless communication. By designating your most-contacted individuals as favorites, you reduce the clicks needed to initiate a call. You can see your favorite contacts on the top of your Truecaller app calling screen!

Favourite Contact in Truecaller

Remind Me of Missed Calls

Are you someone who is forgets to call back your missed calls after you have dismissed the missed call notification? Truecaller has you covered. You can get missed calls reminders if you have forgotten to call them back. All you have to do is go to

Settings > Calls > Remind me of missed calls toggle on

Missed Call Reminders by Truecaller

Call Alert

Truecaller’s call alert feature will let you know who is calling even before your phone rings. So you can now set the phone on silent if you want to ignore it or move to a quieter place if you want to speak. This uses the data / Wifi to securely send the alert from the caller's phone to yours, as soon as a call is made to you. Since data/Wifi is faster than a regular cellular network, the notification reaches you first, before the actual call comes through. You can disable this feature whenever you want!

Truecaller's Call Alert Feature

Spam Text Message Identification and Blocking

Truecaller automatically flags and filters spam SMS to another inbox to make sure you are only seeing messages that matter. When receiving risky links, the app will also identify if the link is marked as spam by the Truecaller community. Blocking spam texts has never been easier.

Identify and Block Spam Text Messages

Combine SMS and Chat

Get the best of both worlds by sending messages to your friend however you want! When chatting in blue, this is using the Internet, and when chatting in green, this is sending an SMS (carrier charges apply). There are a range of handy features to give you the best messaging experience, including translation, urgent messages, media viewing, pinned threads, message scheduling, + many more! Seamlessly switch between SMS and internet-based chat, giving you the flexibility to communicate the way you want, all within a single app.

Combine Text Messages and Online Texting with Truecaller

Messaging with Truecaller

With Truecaller, you don't have to endlessly switch between different communications app - just switch between the different tabs on the app screen and access messages quickly. Truecaller combines both SMS and chat features in one interface and also helps in identifying unknown message senders

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Combine Text Messages and Online Texting with Truecaller

Truecaller's Call Features

Truecaller call features are not just limited to a dialer and calling capability, it has a lot more to offer! From an intelligent dialer that helps you paste numbers from your clipboard to identifying phone numbers while typing to ensuring you have a reminder of missed calls, Truecaller has vowed to take care of the different needs a person has while on call or trying to make a call.

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Truecaller for Android Dialer

Safeguard your phone

Your phone is your house. You deserve to know who to let in. Let Truecaller effortlessly handle all your communication for a safe and efficient experience.

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Truecaller was created to put you in control of who is trying to get in touch. Our features are built to be permission-based and opt-in. You choose how to use the app.

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